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Rising 5s

'A third of children not 'school ready' for reception' a report suggests (click the picture to read the article in Nursery World)

Much has been reported in the media recently about children not being socially, emotionally or developmentally ready when they start at school but at Ducklings we ensure our leavers are fully prepared. During the summer term we offer an extra session called Rising 5s for children who are going to be attending school in the September. Children are supported by a high child to adult ratio and they are encouraged to focus and participate in activities that will get them ready for school. The session concentrates on skills such as sharing, letters and sounds, colours, numbers, 'writing' and other individual stimulating group activities. During this time the children are also asked to bring in a P.E kit, they are then encouraged to get changed into their kit each session and do physical exercise. This helps to encourage self help and independence skills allowing them to be ready for the big move onto school.

At Ducklings we are aware of the importance of the children being ready for school. Each day we encourage their learning and development through the 7 areas of the EYFS. Specifically ensuring that the 3 prime areas are focused on, personal, social and emotional, physical and communication and language development.

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