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Bonfire Night Fun! Fireworks 💥 Be Safe Be Seen! 🎇

The Ducklings have been learning all about being safe and being seen while out enjoying the fireworks. 🎆 The children have made a big firework display over the week using a range of different materials. They have made rockets using kitchen roll tubes and tissue paper and a selection of firework pictures using chalk, paint and teabags. Throughout the week and during our circle time we have been talking about all the ways to keep us safe and how to make sure we can be seen while out at night time. We have looked at a selection of stories, books and videos about how to be safe when using fireworks and sparklers and how its very important to always look out for moving vehicles when we are near the roads and in cars parks. We have been talking lots about using visibility jackets and how they work to reflect the light off them to help us be seen in the dark.

Be Safe Be Seen! We hope you have a wonderful time enjoying the fireworks 🎆 😀

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