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Happy Halloween 🎃

This week at Ducklings the children have been learning about all things Halloween! We have learnt what Halloween is and why we celebrate it and we watched a video about Trick or Treating and learnt about how to stay safe.

We have had lots of fun activities to join in and explore! In the sensory tray we have explored different seeds, coloured spaghetti and orange jelly with spiders 🕷 where the children could feel the different textures and use spoons to fill cups. The children were encouraged to think of descriptive words which were ‘slimy’, ‘cold’ and ‘yucky’. The children have also made shape monsters, we practiced naming all the shapes, counting the googily eyes and the children were able to chose what colour shapes they wanted to create their individual monsters!

The children have also loved exploring Pumpkins 🎃. They have been busy crafting and have made paper plate pumpkins by cork printing and also apple printing which were turned into mini pumpkins! We have organised real pumpkins into size order and enjoyed pumpkin carving! The children loved helping to scoop out all of the seeds inside, we spoke about the colour of the seeds, the smell and feel of the insides. The children helped to choose the face of the pumpkins by picking a happy or sad face. The children were then encouraged to talk about their feelings by saying if they were happy or sad. We also pulled funny, happy, sad and grumpy faces. The Ducklings all had lots of fun with this activity!

Well done Ducklings 🐥

Happy Halloween 👻

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